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Machine learning on geophysical open data from the ground up.

Our Team

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Brendon Hall Product Manager, Geoscience

Brendon Hall is focused on taking techniques from the computational sciences and using them to solve problems in geology and geophysics. Applications include computer simulations of sediment transport, computational stratigraphy and geomechanics, primarily aimed at improving efficiencies in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas. Dr. Hall received his PhD in 2009 from the University of California, Santa Barbara, under the supervision of Eckart Meiburg.

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Ben Lasscock Physicist and data scientist

Ben Lasscock, Particle Physicist, Portfolio manager and GeoHacker.

Malcolm Gall Exploration Geoscientist

Adaptable, creative Exploration Geologist with a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills gained through a varied career. I have worked in consultancy companies, a small active operator, a large national oil company, and a regulator. I can demonstrate experience in regional exploration techniques, prospect generation and evaluation, exploration well planning and technical QA/QC. Responsibilities have included technical leadership, peer review, strategic and team management, technical evaluation and mentoring.